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My name is Sandi Pedersen and “Quilting Your Quilts” is my dream.  After my mother died of breast cancer in March, 2012 I was unemployed and badly in need of an income as well as a stress reliever.  Out of boredom, I suppose, I searched the internet for sewing “bees” in Katy.  “The Odds and Ends Group” was held at the Katy library, and I found myself packing up my 40 year old Viking sewing machine and off I went.  The ladies were all working on beautiful quilts and I wanted to make one.  Everyone was willing to help and I was hooked.  As I learned to quilt over the next several months, I found it both relaxing and a wonderful way to learn from; and connect with other women.  

When October rolled around, so did the Houston International Quilt Festival.  I attended every day and realized what I wanted to do.  So, I made a business plan and bought a Gammill with a Statler, in everyday terms, an expensive long-arm quilting machine run by a computer.  But where would I put a 14 foot machine, which did not fit in my house.  After a lot of searching I found an office space with a big air-conditioned garage and my “Quilting Your Quilts” studio became a reality.  A place where I can go to relax and create “beautiful” memories that will be passed down from generations to generation.

So welcome.  Even if you don’t quilt I hope you find inspiration and relaxation in all the “beautiful” works of art, we women create and you see here.

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Custom Orders


First of all it's beautiful  I can't believe this is your first project. It's stunning!

It's OK that you have your own batting.  Quilter's prefer to use theirs because it comes in a roll so there are not a lot of folds.  Also, cost is usually cheaper for customer.

The quilting depends on what you want the quilting to be.  There are two types. 

The first is the least expensive. You pick a pattern and I quilt that pattern from one edge across to the other edge, this is often referred to as a panto.  Then I roll the quilt and repeat the process until I am at the bottom.  

The second is to custom quilt it.  That involves quilting each triangle in your quilt separately and then quilt all around the star in another pattern.  This is very time and labor intensive, therefore the cost is much higher.

On each type, if you will, the price is determined by square inch.  So you start by measuring the length of your quilt then the width.  You take those two measurements and multiply to get the square inches.  L X W = Square inches.

Now having done that this is how you figure the price.

Panto or all over, example #1 is usually .0225 per square inch.  I.E. (L X W) X .0225=XXXX 

Custom, example #2 is usually .07-.09 per square inch.  I.E. (L X W) X .07 (for example)

I also have a per quilt thread charge of $9.00.

This can be confusing so feel free to call me and we can discuss further.  Thank you for considering me for your quilting needs.  I have a totally computerized long arm machine so the quilting is as perfect as you can get.  I appreciate your business and look forward to finishing your masterpiece.

Feel free to go onto "facebook" to see pictures of quilts I have done! Just look for Quilting Your Quilts.

Machines and Materials

I have a Gammill Optimum long arm with a 12 ft table that is also equipped with Statler computer. I can Quilt up to 120 inch width by any length. I have taken hands on classes from Gammill certified Instructors for five plus years to keep up on all current Statler software updates. 


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